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Psychology: Home

This guide will help you find that info, which might be useful if you are looking for books and articles for class.

Reference Books

Online Resources

These sources can be a starting point to learn about your topic. Subject encyclopedias are very helpful to narrow down your topics and to find keywords to make your searches more productive.

Search Psychology

DSM-IV-TR - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - print only

DSM - 5 - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - print only

Psycholgists and Their Theories for Students - two volume set with information on major psychologists and their theories - online


Print Encyclopedias in the Reference section of Brenham/Bryan libraries 

Encyclopedia of Psychology

Dictionaries Online

Use online dictionaries to supplement your textbook and to find keywords.



Looking for information about Psychology? This guide will help you find that info, which might be useful if you are looking for books and articles for class. 

Using this guide, you can search the catalog for books or psychology databases for scholarly research articles on all aspects of psychology. It will be helpful to know some good search terms so you might want to go to the Reference tab or Website tab to find keywords. Also, use terms that you have studied in class. Psychology terms are more professional than slang words we use in everyday speech. Example: teens/adolescents.

Abnormal psychology deals with the different aspects of abnormal behavior, both causes and treatments.

Educational psychology focuses on how people learn and develop. This also includes groups such as gifted students or those with learning disabilities.

Health psychology is a branch of human behavior that is concerned with the psychological implications of physical actions on health. For instance, smoking, weight gain, stress management, and fitness can affect our mental health.

Developmental psychology focuses on human development. This type of psychology describes, measures, and explains behavioral changes throughout the lifespan.

Social psychology explores how we live and interact in the world. Pop culture, group behavior, the media, and our attitudes and opinions are all part of social psychology. 

Encyclopedias Online

You can search these refence books individually or use the GVRL search box (left) to search all of them at one time.  These are Blinn subscription based encyclopedias.

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